Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Washington State Man Who Swindled Alaskans Out of $3M to Gamble and Do Drugs Asks for Lenient Sentence

A man in Washington State who told his neighbors he had cancer and needed money for treatment took approximately $3 million from them and several of their friends who lived in a tiny Alaska town. But it wasn’t for cancer, it was all to feed his gambling and drug addictions.

Floyd Jay Mann, who pled guilty in June to all 19 counts against him including wire fraud and money laundering, is now close to finding out what his sentence will be, and he is asking for a relatively light sentence, given that he bilked the money from mostly trusting senior citizens.

The 56-year-old could face up to eight years in prison when US District Judge Timothy Burgess determines his sentence after two days of hearings on Dec. 11-12 in Anchorage, Alaska. Assistant U.S. attorney Aunnie Steward has recommended that Mann spend at least eight years behind bars, while his public defender, Jamie McGrady, said he should get no more than five years.


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